Maryville Announces an Over 9% Increase in Its Undergraduate Population for Fall 2023

The university continues to grow in the face of an ever-changing higher education landscape

In a resounding testament to our commitment to access and opportunity in education and an innovative approach to learning, we are proud to announce an over 9% increase in our undergraduate population for the Fall 2023 academic year. This surge in enrollment not only reflects the growing demand for Maryville’s unique programs but also highlights our pivotal role in shaping the future of education.

President Dr. Mark Lombardi expressed his enthusiasm for this extraordinary achievement, saying, “Our growth is a testament to the innovation of our faculty, the quality of our programs, and our unwavering commitment to providing an exceptional 360-degree experience for our students. It is also a signal that empowering students from around the country is a vital need for the digital economy of today and tomorrow.”

Maryville has seen undergraduate enrollment growth for 17 straight years and now has over 6,000 undergraduates and over 10,000 students total. This significant spike solidified our status as one of the top-10 fastest growing private universities in the nation.

Vice President of Enrollment, Shani Lenore-Jenkins, shared insights into Maryville’s recruitment strategies. “When I arrived 17 years ago, I kept hearing phrases like ‘hidden gem’ and ‘best kept secret’ when people spoke about Maryville. Well, I can proudly say we’ve dropped the ‘secret’ and ‘hidden’ part of these phrases. In addition to the growth and expansion of the Maryville brand, I believe our personalized and innovative approach to engage with prospective students and their families through the college search process has undoubtedly contributed to our sustained enrollment growth.”

Maryville University undergraduate enrollment growth

The Dean of the School of Adult and Online Education, Katherine Louthan, emphasized the impact of our diverse academic offerings and personalized approach to learning, stating, “This increase in enrollment reflects the growing recognition of the caliber of our academic programs and the outstanding faculty who shape the educational journey of our students. Our online students specifically share that they appreciate being part of a community where they get the support and flexibility they need to fit education into their busy lives. From cutting-edge learning opportunities to a growing nationwide network, Maryville provides an environment where students can thrive academically and personally.”

With an even deeper focus on innovation, collaboration, and academic excellence, Maryville continues to lead a revolution in access and opportunity. As we welcome a larger and more diverse student body, we remain committed to nurturing the talents of our students and empowering them to become lifelong learners.

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